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Pinwherry – A History Compiled for the Scottish Women’s Rural Institutes.

To say Pinwherry is as old as the hills is no exaggeration. The History of this area starts as far back as the dawn of early civilisation. There is ample proof today to show that this part of the world was occupied by man during the Stone Age.

The name Pinwherry and the many place names in the district are Gaelic or an ancient form of Gaelic and vividly descriptive of the characteristics of the countryside. Pinwherry itself means “The hill in the hollow, surrounded by hills, where the waters meet”; these waters being the Stinchar and the Duisk. It is not a village in the true sense of the word, consisting rather of clusters of houses or clachans.

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Alexander Ross Memorial Stone

This Memorial Stone can be found on the west side of the A77 about mid-way between the Railway Bridge and the roundabout at the north end of Girvan. It originally stood where the roundabout is situated at the former junction of the A77 and the Old Dailly Road.

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2 Responses to Pinwherry and Girvan History

  1. Brian Ramsay says:

    Very excited about your website which was passed on to me by a contact who lives in Pinwherry.
    I was one of the Glasgow evaceuees staying in Pinwherry house towards the end of WW 2. I attended the old school and and have many happy memories,so much so that i
    returned many times.
    I remember well the Cambell brothers from the farm and another lad called MacCormack who lived in the old cottages, I had curly red hair then. Brian Ramsay.

    • 2pins-admin says:

      Dear Brian,
      Thanks for your note. It is good to know people are finding and reading the web site!