Two 2 Pins readers have been in touch to ask for information about houses in the area. If you have any photos or stories that will help them then please get in touch with someone on the committee or email


“As a child I used to summer at my grandparents house, Pinwherry House. I wondered if you could point me in the direction of any old photos of the house. Thank you”


“I am writing from Canada and I am wondering if you can tell me where I might find information about Daljarrock House, Pinwherry. Is it now a hotel and caravan park? ….. that is the only thing that I have found on the web so far. My husband and I are hoping to make a trip to Scotland this autumn and, although I know little of the family history, I believe the house belonged to my ancestors many years ago. They were Macphersons, MacNeals (later spelled Macneil) and Campbells. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.”

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One Response to Reader’s Requests for Information

  1. Suzanne Newton says:

    Daljarrock Hotel, was originally built and owned by the Kennedy’s, who retained ownership to various degrees until the late 1800’s. Robert Kennedy, my 4 x great grandfather, was married to Grizel Cathcart, whose mother was Elizabeth Kennedy, wife of Sir John Cathcart II, and sister of Thomas (9th Earl of Cassillis) and David (10th Earl of Cassillis) for whom Robert Kennedy was Factor. Robert Kennedy drowned in swimming in the river in 1792, the house then being passed to family members, the last being Robert Kennedy Thomson, son of Jean, Robert’s third daughter. Robert Thomson Kennedy died in 1871, but I believe had sold the house and land previously. One of Robert Kennedy’s daughters, Margaret, who died in 1795 was the ‘Young Peggy’ of Burns works, and he later penned ‘Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon’ in response to her sad love story of being cast aside by the man she loved, having bore him a daughter, who he refused to acknowledge (although the Courts made him). The papers that tell back the story up are in the Scottish Archives.

    It is highly unlikely that unless it was in the later 1800’s that Daljarrock House belonged to any of the families mentioned in the previous entry.